Qualification Programme
RTG Specific Lectures

RTG Specific Lectures

The RTG specific lectures address in particular advanced methodological cross-cutting topics of the RTG. The 2-day block courses at the beginning of the RTG form the basis for a common, interdisciplinary understanding. This compact and condensed form allows a quick introduction to the topics.

At the same time, the intensive joint training also offers the opportunity for the collegiates and the supervisors to get to know each other quickly.


 RTG specific lectures fo the 2nd cohort:  

10.-12.02.2020Concepts of IntegritySchön
25.02. + 05.06.2020Kinematic multi-sensor systems   Neumann        
12.03.2020Real-time systemsWagner
14.-15.05.2020Structure from MotionHeipke
postponedGood scientific practiceVerse

RTG specific lectures fo the 1st cohort:

01.-02.02.2017     Scientific PracticeSchmohl
16.-17.03.2017 Concepts of IntegritySchön
27.-28.02.2017Kinematic multi-sensor systems    Paffenholz systemsWagner
19.-20.04.2017 Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping      Brenner
23.-24.05.2017 Structure from MotionHeipke