Abgeschlossene Dissertationen

Promovend Dissertationsthema Institut Zeitpunkt der Disputation

Johannes Bureick,
M. Sc.

Robuste Approximation von Laserscan-Profilen mit B-Spline-Kurven GIH 18.12.2019  
Gregor Blott, M. Sc. Multi-view person re-identification IPI 15.04.2020
Max Coenen, M. Sc.

Probabilistic Pose Estimation and 3D Reconstruction of Vehicles from Stereo Images

IPI 25.05.2020
Uyen Nguyen,
M. Sc.
3D pedestrian tracking using neighbourhood constraints IPI 29.05.2020

Nicolas Garcia Fernandez,
M. Sc.

Simulation Framework for Collaborative Navigation: Development – Analyses - Optimization IfE 08.06.2020

Raphael Voges,
M. Sc.


Bounded-Error Visual-Lidar Odometry on Mobile Robots Under Consideration of Spatiotemporal Uncertainties RTS



Sören Vogel, 
M. Sc. 
Kalman Filtering with State Constraints Applied to Multisensor Systems and Georeferencing     GIH


Hani Dbouk, M. Sc. Alternative Integrity Measures Based on Interval Analysis and Set Theory IfE 30.10.2020
Torben Peters, M. Sc. Learning Multi-View 2D to 3D Label Transfer for Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation of Point Clouds IKG 14.07.2021

Dr.-Ing. Max Mehltretter




M.Sc. Aaronkumar Ehambran Localization in Urban Environments - A Hybrid Interval-Probabilistic Method ISE


M. Sc. Rozhin Moftizadeh Advanced Particle Filtering for Vehicle Navigation based on Collaborative Information GIH