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i.c.sens - Research Training Group (GRK2159) - Integrity and Collaboration in Dynamic Sensor Networks

Key Aspects

Collaborative sensor networks which guarantee integrity will be a core element of many future systems, not only automated or autonomous vehicles, but also in flexible factory automation, agriculture, construction, service and home robotics. In particular, such groups of communicating sensors, moving in the real world, must ensure the integrity of their navigation information, in order not to endanger their environment.
The aim of the Research Training Group is to investigate concepts for ensuring the integrity of collaborative systems in dynamic sensor networks.
As its prime contribution, the Research Training Group will provide basic methodologies as well as concepts of integrity and collaboration for dynamic sensor networks in connection with digital maps. The results will be made available in the form of a “toolbox for collaborative integrity”, the basic idea of which is that it can be integrated easily into concrete applications. This makes it possible to open up new application domains and low-cost applications.

Within the mentioned areas, there is a large demand for research and development, which leads to a high demand for highly qualified personnel, now and in the future. The structured qualifying and support concept of the Research Training Group provides an excellent environment for the PhD students to qualify in a fast and efficient manner for this national and international, academic and non-academic job market. The Group features structured tandem guidance, a study program with an individual qualification plan, a central experimentation facility, a weekly jour fixe, research retreats and talks by visiting scientists. The central experimentation facility allows not only the evaluation and validation of research results, but is also a means to integrate the individual results into a common framework, which will increase the external impact of the Group. The elaborated qualification and guidance concept of the Research Training Group is complemented by further education opportunities of the Graduate Academy and the Equal Opportunities Office of Leibniz Universität Hannover.